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20 years of
Prejudice Awareness
61 years of
Continued Support

OUR means

To enhance mutual respect
for common wellbeing, for children, for all people and for nature

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation based in Germany is a charitable foundation for children that was founded in 1999 by Sir Peter Ustinov and his son Igor Ustinov. The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation aims to create better living conditions for children and young people worldwide through access to education and creativity, thus promoting their personal development and giving them the chance of an independent future.
The Peter Ustinov Foundation bases its actions on the principles of good foundation practice and is a recognised member of the Association of German Foundations.

Ustinovforum.com. An internet forum for users around the world to publish, react, point out, inform, and educate, to prevent the negative consequences of prejudice, for the individual, societies, and conflict resolution. Deliberately the Ustinov prejudice awareness forum has no editor, no interference. Users are equally published on the forum, and retain the ownership of their articles; although these could be pre-published by the press partners of the forum.

The Ustinov prejudice awareness forum encourages all internet users to participate actively to campaigns of prejudice awareness.

To support and conduct scientific studies investigating the origins of prejudices and their impact on the resolution of conflicts and on human behaviour, with a view to combating and overcoming prejudices seen as a root cause of poverty, discrimination and conflicts in the world and thereby contribute to a non-confrontational social coexistence among peoples.
The Institute is supported by the city of Vienna and the University. The association is not profit-oriented. It is a non-material, exclusively nonprofit and beneficent association in compliance with §§ 34 ff Federal Tax Code.

PrejudiceAwarenesss.com, for all internet users to have an interactive debate about prejudice in news, to develop awareness and vigilance about their negative consequences.

Everyone can exchange, inform, and explain convictions to set back prejudice by knowledge and understanding. » Prejudice Awareness collects articles, referring to prejudice worldwide and has deliberately no editor, no interference. The redactors are equally published on this website, retain the ownership of their articles.

The UHCS construction system was imagined by artist Igor Ustinov in response to an observation: the urgency of providing affordable and sustainable housing all over the world, with easy implementation and in line with circular economy principles. Igor Ustinov invented an assembled system of extruded profiles intended to form together the structure of a standard housing module. The profiles are made from an upcycled PET composite-based material. Presented in 2017 at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, the concept won the IFIA award for best the invention. Later, the Environmental Defensor André Hoffmann decided to join Igor ustinov in developing and perfecting the system, together as a team with the assistance of toptier engineers and architects.

For the past 44 years Igor Ustinov’s art has been exhibited in many European countries, including Russia and North America. With landmark public sculptures, in England, France, Switzerland, and Bulgaria…. he is also renowned for being the author of “the Benois de la Danse” award, the international ballet Oscar at the Bolshoi Theatre named by Igor in tribute to the Ustinov’s international multicultural ascendancy of atleast 50 artists summarized as the Benois/Ustinov family. Despite his diversity of interests his nature and passion remains in his art work

The Ustinov College at Durham University. To be an international exemplar of a postgraduate research community that celebrates the strength arising from diversity, interdisciplinarity and collegiality, and makes a substantive contribution to the intellectual life and reputation of Durham University. Central to our ethos as a collegiate community are the cornerstone values of respect, trust, responsibility, fairness, integrity, humility, open-mindedness and objectivity. Allied with these values we will openly celebrate leadership, creativity, innovation, teamwork, diversity and excellence.

About US

61 years of continued support!

20 years of prejudice awareness!

Sir Peter USTINOV- from 1963 to 2004 – as “Good will ambassador for UNICEF”.

Igor USTINOV – from 1999 to 2024 – as co/instigator and co/animator with the teams

of the Ustinov Network

A Network

for mutual respect, for children, for all people and for nature

Together let’s all Help….

The Ustinov Network

can funnel your Donations to the project or organisation of your choice and provide you, your local tax receipts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

And you join the Ustinov Network for a lasting acknowledge partnership.
Together let’s improve the impact of our mission
and common future legacy.

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